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Packages that use ElementFragmentNs

Uses of ElementFragmentNs in com.ximpleware

Methods in com.ximpleware that return ElementFragmentNs
 ElementFragmentNs VTDNav.getElementFragmentNs()
          getElementFragmentNS returns a ns aware version of the element fragment encapsulated in an ElementFragment object

Methods in com.ximpleware with parameters of type ElementFragmentNs
 void XMLModifier.insertAfterElement(ElementFragmentNs ef)
          Insert a namespace compensated element after cursor element
 void XMLModifier.insertAfterHead(ElementFragmentNs ef)
          This method will insert an ElementFragmentNs instance after the head of cursor element,
 void XMLModifier.insertBeforeElement(ElementFragmentNs ef)
          Insert a namespace compensated fragment before the cursor element