Package com.ximpleware

Class Summary
AutoPilot XimpleWare's AutoPilot implementation encapsulating node iterator and XPath.
BookMark Bookmark is a single instance of a node position.
ElementFragmentNs ElementFragmentNs represents a name-space compensated element fragment
FastIntBuffer A fast, unsynchronized, chunk-based int buffer
FastLongBuffer A fast, unsynchronized, chunk-based long buffer for storing LCs and VTD.
NodeRecorder Node record allows one to record the node position of VTDNav.
TextIter This class iterates through all text nodes of an element.
VTDGen VTD Generator implementation.
VTDNav The VTD Navigator allows one to navigate XML document represented in VTD records and Location caches.
XMLModifier XMLModifier offers an easy-to-use interface for users to take advantage of the incremental update of VTD-XML The XML modifier assumes there is a master document on which the modification is applied: users can remove an element, update a token, replace an element name, or insert new content anywhere in the document transcoding methods are built-in The process: * The modification operations are recorded first * The output() is called to generate output document

Exception Summary
IndexReadException IndexReadException is thrown when there are exception conditions during index loading
IndexWriteException IndexWriteException is thrown when there are exception condition when wrting VTD+XML index
ModifyException XMLModifier throws ModifierException when there is an exception condition during modification of XML
NavException This exception is for any exception conditions during navigation phase.
ParseException This class is for any exception condition in the parsing phase.
VTDException VTDException is the root exception for all VTD-XML's exception
XPathEvalException This exception is thrown when there is something during XPath evaluation
XPathParseException This exception is thrown when an error occured during the construction of XPathExpr