Class XPathParseExceptionHuge

  extended by java.lang.Throwable
      extended by java.lang.Exception
          extended by com.ximpleware.extended.VTDExceptionHuge
              extended by com.ximpleware.extended.XPathParseExceptionHuge
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class XPathParseExceptionHuge
extends VTDExceptionHuge

This exception is thrown when an error occured during the construction of XPathExpr. It is adapted to support extended VTD (256 max file size)

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Serialized Form

Constructor Summary
XPathParseExceptionHuge(java.lang.String s)
XPathParseExceptionHuge(java.lang.String s, int i)
Method Summary
 int getOffset()
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Constructor Detail


public XPathParseExceptionHuge(java.lang.String s)


public XPathParseExceptionHuge(java.lang.String s,
                               int i)
Method Detail


public int getOffset()