Package com.ximpleware.extended

Class Summary
AutoPilotHuge XimpleWare's AutoPilotHuge implementation encapsulating node iterator and XPath.
NodeRecorderHuge NodeRecorderHuge allows one to record the node position of VTDNavHuge.
TextIterHuge This class iterates through all text nodes of an element.
VTDGenHuge VTDGenHuge implementation supporting extended VTD (256GB file size).
VTDNavHuge VTDNavHuge is a cursor-based VTD record navigator supporting extended VTD (256 GB max file size).
XMLBuffer XMLBuffer is a class that reads in an XML doc into chunk-based memory buffers the file size is equal to n*1GB + m (where m < 1GB)
XMLMemMappedBuffer XMLMemMappedBuffer maps an XML document into memory using memory map.

Exception Summary
NavExceptionHuge This exception is for any exception conditions during navigation phase.
ParseExceptionHuge This class is for any exception condition in the parsing phase.
VTDExceptionHuge VTDExceptionHuge is the root class for all exceptions in this package (com.ximpleware.extended)
XPathEvalExceptionHuge This exception is thrown when there is something during XPath evaluation It is adapted to support extended VTD (256 max file size)
XPathParseExceptionHuge This exception is thrown when an error occured during the construction of XPathExpr.