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Packages that use VTDNavHuge

Uses of VTDNavHuge in com.ximpleware.extended

Methods in com.ximpleware.extended that return VTDNavHuge
 VTDNavHuge VTDGenHuge.getNav()
          This method returns the VTDNavHuge object after parsing, it also cleans internal state so VTDGenHuge can process the next file.
 VTDNavHuge BookMarkHuge.getNav()
          This method returns the embedded VTDNav Object

Methods in com.ximpleware.extended with parameters of type VTDNavHuge
 void BookMarkHuge.bind(VTDNavHuge vn)
          bind a BookMark object to a VTDNav object the cursor position is set to an invalid state
 void AutoPilotHuge.bind(VTDNavHuge vnv)
          Bind resets the internal state of AutoPilotHuge so one can attach a VTDNavHuge object to the autopilot
 void NodeRecorderHuge.bind(VTDNavHuge vn1)
 int VTDNavHuge.compareTokens(int i1, VTDNavHuge vn2, int i2)
          This method compares two VTD tokens of VTDNav objects The behavior of this method is like compare the strings corresponds to i1 and i2, meaning for text or attribute val, entities will be converted into the corresponding char
 boolean VTDNavHuge.matchTokens(int i1, VTDNavHuge vn2, int i2)
          This method matches two VTD tokens of VTDNav objects
 boolean BookMarkHuge.recordCursorPosition(VTDNavHuge vn)
          Record the cursor position This method is implemented to be lenient on loading in that it can load nodes from any VTDNav object if vn is null, return false
 boolean BookMarkHuge.setCursorPosition(VTDNavHuge vn)
          set cursor position This method can only set the cursor position of an VTDNav object identical to its internal copy
 void TextIterHuge.touch(VTDNavHuge v)
          Obtain the current navigation position and element info from VTDNav.

Constructors in com.ximpleware.extended with parameters of type VTDNavHuge
AutoPilotHuge(VTDNavHuge v)
          AutoPilotHuge constructor comment.
BookMarkHuge(VTDNavHuge vn)
          BookMark constructor with an instance of vn as input
NodeRecorderHuge(VTDNavHuge vn1)